EvilTone was founded in January of 2016 by former DOD/Digitech engineer Jason Lamb, and electrical engineering student Zach Griffen.  Jason and Zach played in a band together, and Zach was bringing in all sorts of new pedal designs to practice and gigs.  Jason had gotten out of the music equipment business all together, and was working with a technology company.  After seeing all of the new toys that Zach was bringing to practice, Jason kept saying, "I need to be building pedals again!"  

     In January of 2016, Jason decided to start up a new company called EvilTone, and asked Zach to come along.  Jason had some designs on the horizon, and Zach had several already proven designs to bring to the table, as well as some exciting stuff on the horizon.  Jason attended Winter NAMM in Anaheim and was blown away with the support he was receiving.

     Jason passed away unexpectedly in February of 2016, leaving the new company without its captain.  After receiving a lot of encouragement and support from mutual friends and industry pros, Zach decided to forge ahead with EvilTone.  The company's philosophy has stayed true to Jason and Zach's original philosophy.  Build great gear for great players, don't skimp on quality, and Smoke Whiskey!